COH LMT Terms and Conditions

Circle of Hands LMT Contractor Agreement

By accepting this assignment, I agree to all of the following:

I agree to bring all necessary supplies including, but not limited to:

  • Massage chair in working condition
  • Supplies- cleanser/wipes, hand sanitizer, face cradle covers (we recommend Viva paper towels choose-a-size), a clock/timer, & relaxing music.
  • Consent forms will be provided ** I agree to send copies/photos of consent forms to Circle of Hands after event.**
  • Cell phone that is charged and on vibrate during event.
  • Wear a black polo shirt, black pants or slacks (no jeans), and athletic or casual shoes (preferably black or white).  No loafers, crocs or sandals please. **I agree that I will not wear or bring anything contaminated by smoke to the event.**

I agree to:

  • Check directions and traffic before the event (even if you’ve been there before)
  • Arrive at the venue no later than 20 minutes prior to start time.
  • Text the number provided once I am set up and ready.
  • Call, or text, the number provided if you will, or might be, late. *I understand that Circle of Hands may have a deduction of pay , for the time I am late, and the possible forfeiture of future event opportunities with Circle of Hands.
  • I will perform massage until the scheduled end time.  I will continue to massage guests and I will not make preparations to leave until the schedule end time has fully passed.
  • Privacy Policy: The client has a strict no sales policy and you are representing Circle of Hands. We care about the privacy our clients and we are based on the honor system. I agree to not ask the clients for their information, or give out my information, or contact a Circle of Hands client or guest, without written approval from Circle of Hands. This protects you and COH. Failure to respect this policy is a breach of your contract, and it is also a matter of your safety.
  • I agree that I will NOT use Circle of Hands text, materials, or content to promote my own massage practice or any other business, and I will not share this content with anyone outside of Circle of Hands. I understand all information Circle of Hands gives me is “proprietary”, which means I cannot use it or share it except to perform agreed services at the event. I understand that proprietary information includes, but not limited to, forms, contracts, invoices, instructions, ideas, or client’s and/or other therapist’s names, numbers, or emails.
  • Tipping: I am allowed to accept gratuity at this event, and I agree to not solicit for them (no glass jars or cups).
  • Professionalism: I agree to not suggest or offer medical treatments to clients. I also agree to deliver services regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual orientation, and that I may be asked to leave the event, without pay, if the client deems that I appear or have acted unprofessionally.
  • Payment: After the event, I agree to invoice COH through my MT account. We pay by check, PayPal, and Chase QuickPay (You do not need to have a chase bank account). Payment is usually within 2 weeks, up to 30 days. Please Note: By accepting these terms, you are agreeing that you are Independent Contractors and COH is not responsible for deducting taxes, SS, etc. As an Independent Contractor/Business Owner, you will need to upload a W9 into your MT account. At the end of the year, if you make over $650, we will send out a 1099.
  • Attitude: I agree to make a sincere commitment to have a warm and positive attitude, a smile on my face, to give guests a wonderful experience, and have fun!
  • The agreed-to relationship with Circle of Hands Chair Massage, LLC and the LMT is that of an independent contractor. During and after, the LMT Independent’s association with Circle of Hands Chair Massage, LLC, the LMT will neither disclose or assist in the unauthorized disclosure of the Circle of Hand’s, LLC confidential or proprietary information which includes, but is not limited to, all paper- work, trade secrets, formulas, customer data, strategies, methods, processes, machines, inventions, discoveries, computer programs and systems, ideas, and/or other developments, nor will the LMT Independent Contractor/Business Owner, use such information except as required by Circle of Hands Chair Massage, LLC.
  • I understand that I am agreeing to these terms and failure to abide by these terms will be considered failure to fulfill my contract. I understand, and agree, that Circle of Hands Chair Massage, LLC may refuse payment to me, and may take other actions against me, including legal action, if I breach this contract.I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions for all future events with Circle of Hands Chair Massage.