Circle of Hands Chair Massage, LLC
Dana Lightfoot
5717 Red Bug Lake Road, STE 138
Winter Springs, FL 32708
Sarah Marshall
Southfield, MI
August 24, 2016
Estimate Number
Expiration Date
September 23, 2016
Estimate Total
  1. Task

    Massage Therapist – Customer Appreciation Event – Southfield, MI
    Saturday, February 18th (2 hrs)
    3 Massage Therapists x 2 hours = 6 total hrs

Subtotal $420.00
Total $420.00


Services Provided by Circle of Hands:
1) COH will coordinate and hire the Licensed Massage Therapist for the location and date listed below as well as compensate them accordingly.

2) Therapist(s) will provide short, stress relieving, upper-body massages and/or mini hand massages on special non-mechanical massage chairs to employees.

3) Early arrival and late departure for set up and break down.

4) Therapist(s) can hand out literature and/or items for client/sponsor if requested.

Items Supplied by Circle of Hands:
1) Professional Licensed Massage Therapist(s), dressed in black pants and a black polo shirt*.

2) Non-mechanical massage chairs, disposable face cradle covers, aloe instant hand sanitizer, & disinfectant wipes.

*Client has option to supply therapists with different shirts or attire with Client’s logos. Shirts must be short sleeve, tee or polo style – please no oxford style shirts.

Additional Information:
Client must supply, ship, stock, and store any literature and/or give away items client wants handed out by massage therapists. Authorized representatives have option to keep therapists after stated hours at an average hourly rate of the contract agreement.


1) The 50% of the amount payable will be due 2 weeks before the date of the event. There will be a 50% cancelation fee if written cancelation is 48 hours or less.

2) Payment is due on or before 1 week after date of event.

3) Guarantee: Unconditional

Please note: Gratuity is not included.