Office Chair Massage


, thank you for allowing us to provide your company with a quote for our chair massage services. We appreciate the opportunity you have given us to help improve your business so much that we want to offer you 10% off your first booking.

Our company, Circle of Hands, is a national network of licensed and skilled massage therapists that can work with companies of all sizes – including yours! We are very excited to prepare a quote for you that addresses your company’s specific needs.

The quote process is simple. Your Chair Massage journey begins by you first telling us…

• What kind of an event you are having
• The number of days your event will be
• How many hours a day will you require our therapists services
• The length of the actual massage
• And finally, how many total therapists overall are required

Once we have received your information, we will promptly email you a quote to see how inexpensive it is to engage our services. , it really is as simple as that! Request a quote today and get 10% off your first booking.

Type of Event
number of days
number of hours
Desired Massage Length (Minutes)
Choose your desired massage length (Minutes) per person
and we will show the number of therapists you need
Number of Therapists Needed
*Please note this is only an estimate. For a the best price & a detailed quote click on the link below.